Creating a new account

Creating a new account on SolBox

Click on New Account button

Fill out all the fields

Note:  Mandatory fields should be filled out in order for the account creation to proceed.

Account name - Business name that will be displayed on the consignment

Full name - Complete business name

Parent Account - Select SolBox

ABN number

Website address

Address - This is where you must search for your address on the pop up and select the correct address

Note: The address has to be selected from the suggestions on the pop up.

Additional fields continued:

Phone Number

Timezone - Select your time zone

Capacity Type - Enter 'Load Quantity' as default

Map Server - Select based on country server e.g. AU for Australia

Consignment Note - Select your preferred consignment layout 

Once all the fields have been filled out.

Then on the bottom of the page click on Save

A new account will be created

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