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Get Free Trial Account

To sign up for a new account, please visit  SolBox Sign Up for Free Trial.

The SolBox free trial account is for logistics/distribution businesses looking to reduce manual job dispatch, improve route planning processes, digitize paper workflows for delivery and provide an automated customer delivery experience. By utilising an intelligently simple last-mile delivery platform, SolBox helps to plan, allocate and dispatch jobs/manifest to drivers.
The software can (in less than 10 clicks of a mouse) route optimise to reduce the amount of KM's on a delivery run, plan and share Live ETA's for each receiving customer as well as email POD's, live. The SolBox driver app operates on iOS/Android devices and collects driver location, start/finish times of orders and Geo stamped proof of delivery signatures, photos and comments. The driver app works offline and connects in real-time to the software to provide live statistics, rich data and job status.

Download user guide here.

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