How to import Excel file

How to import Excel file

Importing Excel using SolBox Excel template.

SolBox platform only allows the SolBox Excel template to be processed. 

Green columns are mandatory. 


1. Import from Dashboard

Import file from dashboard > click 3 dots from unassigned orders > Imports > Import XLS/CSV file > Select your file to upload into the system 


Processing the file > wait till it is done. > Close


To see orders, make sure you select the right date for the order(See dates on Processing file page above)

For example, these orders are on 04/10/2022. 

You are ready to drag and drop unassigned orders to create manifests

2. Import from Orders

Click Import XLS/CSV to import file 

Processing the file… / Check the date that orders will be on to view later > close


Select date range to see orders


Orders are ready

You can import file from Manifests menu which will work as same as from the orders menu as shown above.

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