How to search for orders

How to search for orders

There are 3 ways you can choose to look for orders.

Search order by customer name

Click "Search text" and type the name of customer you want to search for the order.

Search order by customer reference number

Click "Search text" and type customer reference number you want to search for the order.

Search order by date

You can search orders by picking the date range from a calendar.

You can also search orders by selecting the range from a drop down menu on the right.

Statuses of orders

You can filter the order statuses to view only the ones you want. 

Types of orders

You can filter the order types to view only the ones you want. 

Zones of orders

You can filter the zones to view orders in the selected zones.

Hide allocated orders

You can tick "Hide allocated orders" when you want to select unassigned orders to asign to manifests. This will allow only unallocated orders on the list which you can see that there is no manifest attached.

Show orders on map

You can select orders and click "Show orders on map"

You can see selected orders on the map.

Items per page

You can change how many items per page at the bottom of the list.

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