New CHECKS Feature

New CHECKS Feature

Main page


Start checks page


Select the assest page

Choose asset from the list

Click "Continue"

You will see the list of issues in orange boxes which are the issues that the vehicle has not resolved. You can click in those orange boxes to see more details.

Files page

After clicking into the "PRESTART" in the orange box, you can see files that shows more details of "Land Rover Defender"

Click "CLOSE"

You will be directed back to "Select the assest" page after closing the "Files" page above.
If you want to start new prestart, click "PRESTART" in the white box which locates at the bottom of the boxes.

Start Inspection


Read and click "I AGREE"

Fill in Odometer or Engine Hours then click "NEXT"

Fill out BODY CHECK form then click the green tick button

Finish and fill in all required feilds of the rest of prestart form

Click "NEXT"

Click "SIGN"

After you signed of the report, it is finished. You are ready to start delivery.
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