Prestart Management

Prestart Management

Prestart Management is used to manage CHECKS in the driver app to perform daily prestart checks or fault reports, following maintenance checklists configured for your fleet. You can also take photos of faults and failed items to attach with your signature for your reference. Therefore, you will get the information sharing from drivers in real time, no more wating for paperwork to arrive from them.

On the menu navigation, click into "Prestart Mangement". You will see 3 sub-menus which are
  1. Reports
  2. Plans
  3. Prestart Settings


You will see "Prestart Reports" which you can filter them by statuses, plans, vehicles, and date range.


You will see the list of "Prestart Plans" that you have created. You can click into each plan to see its details. You can also create new plan by clicking "New Plan" button on the right top of the screen.

Prestart Settings

Click into "Prestart Settings" menu:
You will see the list of "CHECK ITEMS" that you have created. You can click into each check item to see its details. You can also add a check item by clicking "Add Check Item" button at the end of the list.
Check Items with the red Triangles flags are the critical ones.

Update as of APRIL 2024:

We are excited to announce a new prestart feature that will block manifests from being processed if they have failed mandatory inspections. This new feature, which we have developed with your safety in mind, will ensure drivers complete all the necessary inspections before starting their trip. The prestart plan will be set as a mandatory inspection, and the driver's app will only allow access to the assigned manifest and start driving once all required inspections are completed. This new system is designed to ensure safer and more efficient travel, giving you peace of mind while on the road.  

Moreover, we have introduced a time-saving feature that allows you to copy a prestart plan as a template with a single click of the duplicate button. This will significantly improve efficiency and uniformity, streamlining operations by saving your valuable time and ensuring a consistent approach. You will no longer have to start the process from scratch every time, reducing the overall time and effort required.

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