Pick up/Delivery ETA & POD Notifications

Pick up/Delivery ETA & POD Notifications

How to Send Pick up/Delivery Notifications to Customers?

Customers love to stay updated with thier order status. Our software allows automated pick up and delivery notifications for your business customers. It gives assurance that their orders will reach them by the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and they can see more details in  our electronic proof of delivery (POD).

Send automated delivery notifications

Set up Sender name

1. Go to Settings page

2. In "General" - "SMS Notification", fill in "Notificaitons Sender Name" > click "Save changes"

Set up recipients in customers' profile

1. Go to Customers page

2. Search and select the customer you want to send delivery notification by clicking into the customer number

3. Fill in phone numbers or emails which will be used as ETA and Order Status notification recipients. You can add multiple emails or phones by separated with ";". Customers will get notified pick up/delivery ETA and POD notifications automatically. If you want to disable the notifications, simply remove phone numbers/emails.
If you want to create new customer, see more info here

For SMS notification, you have to enable this fuction by ticking "Send SMS notifications to this numbers" as image above.

Manually send pickup/delivery ETA &POD notifications

As mentioned above that after filling out phone numbers and emails, our software will automatically send updates of the pick up/delivery process to the customers. Enabling your business customers to track their order status throught automated notifications.
However, you can send ETA&POD notifications manullay to your customers at anytime you want to notify them.

Send from Manifests page

You can send notification to all customers in as many manifests you want.

1. Go to Manifests page

2. Select the manifest(s) you want to send notifications

3. After you selected a manifest, click "Notify"

4. Select SMS or/and Email notifications you want to send to all clients in the selected manifest > click "Send"

Your customers will get notifications of their orders in the selected manifest at the time you click "Send".

Send from Orders page

If you want to notify your customer for any specific order,  sending notification from the Orders page is the best way. You only can notify one recipient in one order at a time.

1. Go to Orders page

2. Click into the order you want to send the notification

3. Make sure you fill in Emails or/and Phones > click "Send notification"

Your customer will get notified for this order at the time you click "Send notificaiton".
You can click the blue "Tracking link" which is located on the right of Delivery section as shown in the image above to see your electronic proof of delivery (POD).

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