New customer

New customer

Customers are an essential part of the SolBox platform. Customer profiles can be created individually as explained below, or automatically created as part of an order import to the SolBox platform. A customer in SolBox means that a new or existing Pick-up, Delivery or Pick-up-Delivery order can be created or changed. A customer contact card maintains important information about that customer and its location address. Important information includes preferred time windows for orders to that site, customer contact phone numbers and mobile, plus email for driver app automated notifications. Default order notes can be added or change within the customer profile at any time, this displays on the driver app each time an order is placed for this customer. Previous orders can also be viewed from the customer profile.

Manually create new customer 

1. Go to Customer:

2. Click New Customer

3. Fill out the details > click "Save"

Import customer from excel file

Importing bulk customer details (name, location, contact info, default order notes) can be done from the customer menu. The import template can be found here.

Go to Importing/Exporting Customers for more information.

Auto create customers as part of an order import

Custmers are automatically created when you import any orders to the SolBox platform if you have set up the setting in Excel file as below.

Go to How to import Excel file for more information.

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