How to customise Driver's details

How to customise Driver's details

1. Go to Drivers:

2. Select the driver that you want to edit details

3. You can change all the details in "GENERAL" as below:
  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. PIN
  4. Timetable to match his/her working shift 
  5. Preferred Vehicle
  6. Start/Finish at depot
The Start/Finish at depot feature is used when assigning a driver to a manifest, the start/finish depot will be the route in which the (optimised) manifest adheres to and calculates distance and time.
You have to assign Timetable to drivers to use Auto Optimization functionality.
Click "Save Changes" after editing.

4. You can change all the details in "BREAKS" as below:
  1. Start time
  2. Allowance
  3. Duration
  4. Force to use
Click "Save Changes" after editing.

5. ZONES: select any zones or none
No geo restrictions will be applied for the driver if no zones selected.

Note: You can click Reset changes to get back to default setting

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