SolBox Route Auto Optimization

SolBox Route Auto Optimization

SolBox Auto optimization is a feature that allows Jobs to be planned and allocated automatically to drivers and vehicles in just a few clicks. The auto optimize feature requires all drivers and vehicles selected to have a timetable and depot start/finish location set in the driver profile , and the right vehicle capacity set up. 

Once the orders you would like to plan are selected from the orders menu, as seen below, the system will look at each orders, location, time windows. The system will then calculate based on these time windows, and locations the shortest time, distance and vehicles that are required to complete the selected ‘Auto Optimize’ orders . The route optimizer will use the least amount of time and vehicles, and will not use all drivers and vehicles selected through the wizard if it finds a possible solution. If the user would like to reduce or increase the number of vehicles or drivers used in a calculation, the user will need to change the ‘max time for vehicle’ – less time to utilise more drivers, more time to utilise less drivers.


If you want to use auto optimization, please make sure that you have set drivers' timetables/delivery address on their profiles.

1. Go to Orders: 
Note: You can tick "Hide allocated orders" so only the unallocated orders will be displayed for you to select for optimization.

2. Select orders by ticking orders you want to optimize.

3. After selecting orders, you can click "Show orders on map" to see where the orders are on map.

Selected orders are showing on map.

This feature helps you to select/group suitable orders' locations for optimization.

4. Click "Allocation Wizard"

5. Click "Auto-Optimize"

6. "Auto Allocate" 

A. Click "Ignore Order Times" > This optimisation will not include order's time in calculation.
B. You can select the drivers that you want to include in the optimisation.
Note: You can edit Driver's Timetable- "Time from" and "Time to", "Vehicle", "Start from depot" by editing them here.
C. After click "Show details" you can edit:
"Allow wait time" = The total time throughout a manifest that a driver can wait to meet an order time window. If unsure, leave set to '40 min'.
"Max time for vehicle" = The total time the vehicle/driver is able to be used for - can over right driver working hours.
"Max calculation" = The max time the system will calculate the route optimization 'set to 30 seconds as standard'.
Click "Calculate" after you finish editing the details in "Auto Allocate" section.

7. Click "See log"

When the calulation is done, you will see "DONE" at the last line of the log. Click "Next"

8. After calculation, you can edit Manifest details:
  1. Add manifest > click "Add manifest" > new manifest will be at at the bottom of the page, please scroll down to see.
  2. Unlink orders from manifests > hover over an order you want to remove from a manifest, click "Unlink" > unassigned orders will be located on the right side under "Orders".
  3. Re-allocate unlinked orders from the right by draging back to any manifests on the left. Click "Select all", if you want to select all orders.
  4. Edit detail > click "Edit Detail" to change manifest's "Name", "Assign Driver", and "Assign Vehicle".
  5. Delete manifest > click "Delete".

Click "Next"

9. Review manifests:
  1. click "Back", if you want to edit manifest.
  2. click "Submit Orders", if you are happy with this optimisation. You will see the manifests on Manifest page.

Alternatively, you can auto-optimize from the Dashboard > click "Allocate All" > "Auto-Optimize" then repeat the same steps as the one from Orders menu.

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