New orders

New orders

Orders are the most important feature within the SolBox platform. Orders can be manually created as displayed below or imported, via a spreadsheet template  or any third-party API/Software.

Order types

There are 3 types of orders that SolBox can create include Pick-up, Delivery and Pick-up-Delivery. All orders need to be allocated to a manifest for fulfillment on the driver app, and any manifest can have a mix of all types of orders. 

1. Pick-up orders

2. Delivery orders

3. Pick-up and Delivery orders

When creating a pick-up and delivery orders, it will be a two leg job with the same order number. Pick-up- Delivery orders require the Pick-up to first be completed before the Delivery leg can begin.

Manually add each order

1. Add new order from Dashboard

1.1. Go to Dashboard:

1.2. Click 3 dots on the left top of "Unassigned orders" > click "New Order"

1.3. Within the "Delivery" section you can create a new customer and specify the delivery details.
Click "Save" once you filled out all the necessary information on the order to complete the order creation.

2. Add new order from Orders

2.1. Go to Orders

2.2. Click "New Order"

2.3. Fill out the order details as step 1.3. above

Import orders from Excel file

Orders can be imported via Excel or CSV file. You have to use SolBox template to import orders.

Go to: How to import Excel file for more information.

Import orders by API

API import is available through the SolBox API protocols and documentation which can be utilised here - for more help on an API integration current or new please raise a ticket with SolBox Support.
Go to: API for more information.

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