Order Capacity

Order Capacity

Order capacity can be setup on all premium user accounts, with one of the following to calculate ‘Volume’ ‘Weight’ ‘Unit’ ‘Quantity’ This is selected as part of the system setup and can be changed at any time. The total ‘capacity’ must be entered into the ‘vehicle profile’ to begin using this feature.

Setting up order capacity

Unit of measurement for order capacity will be set up from the back-end. Please contact us if you need to use this feature. We are using "Units" for the demonstration on this page.

New order

To create order, please see: new orders.
1. Manual order
You can set up capacity when you create new order manually.

2. Import order
Capacity can be set up from import file, column "Capacity" or "Volume"

For example

Existing orders

1. Go to orders

2.Select the order you want to edit capacity.

3. Edit capacity > "Save Changes"

Setting up vehicle capacity

2. Click into the vehicle you want to set up maximum capacity.

3. Change "Max Units" > "Save changes"
The maximum capacity for the vehicle to be used in Optimisation. This can be any unit of measure (UOM) which must be consistent with the Order capacity UOM eg. weight, volume, people, cartons etc.

Create manifest

You can create new manifest from Dashboard. Drag orders to "Drop orders here to create a menifest".

You can create new manifest from Manifests. Click "New Manifest"

Assign orders to manifests


2. Select orders you want and click "Allocate to a manifest" > select the manifest you want > click "Link"

You can see total capacity for the manifest as image below.


2. Select unassign orders from the dashboard. You can select from the map location or from the "Unassigned orders" section on the right. 

Note: You can see total capacity after the selection.

Assign a vehicle

Go into the manifest you want to assign > click "Assign" > select driver and vehicle that have enough capacity.

Check if manifest is above vehicle capacity

On manifest profile, if "Load" is showing in red color, it is overloaded. On the otherhand, it will show in black color if it is underloaded.
For example, VEHICLE 1 DEMO has been set up max capacity as 10 units before. Therefore, the manifest "Load" is showing in red color which is overloaded.

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