Vehicles & Mobile GPS device tracking

Vehicles & Mobile GPS device tracking

Vehicles are required to operate the SolBox platform, and are to be assigned to manifest for delivery tracking and fulfilment, vehicles can also be assigned to driver(s). The vehicle Tracking GPS location is displayed on the dashboard map and within the vehicle profile, by collecting data through the mobile GPS device tracking, this will show at all times when that vehicle is online, based on the data connectivity of the ‘vehicles’ (mobile) device. If a vehicle is offline, this means the system is not receiving any location GPS data and the system will only display the last time and location the vehicle was online.

Add new vehicle

1. Go to Vehicles:

2. Click "New Vehicles"

3. Fill out "Vehicle Name" and "Description" > Click "Save"
Vehicles must have a unique name.

4. Fill out vehicle's detail in "General" > click "Save Changes"
  1. "Max capacity" is the maximum capacity that vehicle can handle to be loaded with. Vehicle's capacity will be use to calculate Loads Optimisation. This can be any unit of measure (UOM) withch must be consistent with the Order capacity UOM e.g. weight/voulume/people/cartons etc.
  2. "Out of sevice" to be ticked if you want to exclude this vehicle in optimisation or allocation.

Vehicle status

Vehicle status will get updated only if the vehicle is assigned to the driver user who has set up the Driver app "SolBox Live" and turn on GPS on the device.

2. Look at "Last Online" 
The vehicle Tracking GPS location from the driver app will collect the data which shows when that vehicle is online or offline. If a vehicle is offline, this means the system is not receiving any location GPS data and the system will only display the last time and location the vehicle was online.

3. Look at "Out of service"
You can see "out of service" vehicles that is set up to be out of service on vehicle's profile before. The vehicle will be unavailable for inclusion in optimisation or allocation.

Orders under a vehicle

2. Click into the vehicle you want to view orders 

3. Click "ORDERS" to view orders

Update as of APRIL 2024:

Our system allows for the management of QR codes associated with vehicles. In case a customer prefers to use their own QR codes, they can easily do so within our platform. However, it's important to note that our drivers are required to scan the codes exclusively within the app scanner to ensure maximum security and accuracy. This means that all QR codes must be registered within our system to avoid any potential issues.

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