Add zones

Add zones

Zones can be created within the SolBox platform control panel, which will allow for imported orders via a spreadsheet or API import to group orders automatically and create a manifest within the zone. New manifests that are created will be ready to assign a vehicle and driver in the manifest or dashboard view. New manifest created will also be ready to sequence optimize in just a few clicks.

Create Zones

1. Go to Zones menu: 

2. Click "New zone"

2. Fill Zone "Name" > click "Save"

Note: after saving zone's name, there is a pink point on map to start drawing zone area.

3. Click on the point, there is a menu label for you to choose between "Add point" and "Remove point"

4.  Move the first point to the area you want to create zone then add more points to create the shape you want > click "save changes"

Allocate Imported Orders to Zones

If you want to use zones for your imported orders, you have to create them before importing orders from Excel file. Orders will then be automatically grouped in created zones. 

1. Go to "Setting" > "ORDERS" and tick "Allocate Imported Orders to Zones"

2. Import orders from Excel file. See How to import Excel file.
Note: You will see that orders are imported by zones. Manifest names will be created as the name of the zones. Orders that are not in zone range will be unallocated/unassigned.

Zones                                                                                        Allocated orders base on zones

Enable Auto Allocation to Zones

When you enable the auto allocation to zones, a manual order will be automatically put on a zone manifest if the address fits in a zone area.

1. Go to "Setting" > "ORDERS" and tick "Enable Auto Allocation to Zones"

2. Manually add an order. You can do it through Dashboard or Orders menu.
For more information, please see "Manually add each order" on this page: Getting Start with SolBox

3. The order will be automatically allocated to a zone manifest.
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