Getting Started with SolBox

Getting Started with SolBox


1.1 Manually add each order

For a start, let's create a new order: click the button and select "New Order"

Within the "Delivery" section you can create a new customer and specify the delivery details.
Click "Save" once you filled out all the necessary information on the order to complete the order creation
If you put emails or phone numbers, customers will get notified ETA and Order Status automatically. 
Please click here for more information.

1.2 Import file

Go to: How to import Excel file for more information.


Drag and drop unassigned orders from choosing icon on map or ticking orders on the right panel to an existing manifest.
Note: Zoom in map using + and - icon on the right bottom corner

You can create new manifest by drag and drop orders to "Drop orders here to create a manifest"
Note: You can assign driver and vehicle here.


Click into the manifest 

Click "Optimise route" > edit details > "Calculate" > "Save"


Click into the manifest and click "Edit" to assign driver and vehicle

Your route optimisation is ready!

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